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Meet the Team




American Classroom Teacher

Hi there! Welcome to Harmony. This school was designed to help you grow. People never stop growing, no matter how old they are. Even I am growing as a teacher. 

I was born in Minneapolis, U.S.A, and was raised in Georgia. I run the school with my husband, Kazu. We have been best friends since I was 19. My daughter is Chloe. She loves talking to people of all ages. She also loves singing, dancing, and playing the guitar.

My hobbies are reading and studying. I also like enjoying crafting and creating my own games. I enjoy observing nature, watching movies, and playing games with my family. I like learning new things, too. I love to challenge myself and others as well. Enough about me. What about you?




ESL Teacher

​Hi, this is Kazu. I teach beginner students at Harmony.  I was born and raised in Niigata. Since I was a child, I have been interested in things related to English such as movies, novels and music. After I worked as a management engineer for landscaping, I started to run the school with Shi.  If you join Harmony, let's talk and learn something fun every time.


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